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Grace Baptist Church (Kumasi, Ghana) Grace Baptist Church (Kumasi, Ghana) Case studies. Church growth Ghana Kumasi. Church growth Case studies. Church and social problems Ghana Kumasi. Church and social problems. Church growth. 
The Grace Baptist Church in Kumasi, Ghana is an example of a church that began with a congregation whose outlook and character was completely alien to its immediate neighborhood. Organized in 1968 in the south eastern part of the city, the church sought to attract mainly the literate middle income-earner among the city's populace, in spite of the fact that its immediate neighborhood comprised of some of the most economically distressed areas of the City whose populace was predominantly illiterate and could not speak, understand nor write the foreign English language. More than half of the people in the area that could work were therefore either unemployed, underemployed or dependent. For a brief period, the church seemed to be doing well at attracting the caliber of people it went after. But this was at the expense of the normal average growth rate expected of a church in such a populous inner-city vicinity. The church members did not share nor know of the poverty and hopelessness that had engulfed the life of the community in which the church was situated. In fact, one of the immediate problems that worried the church then was rather the lack of adequate number of marriageable ladies for the many eligible bachelors to marry. Seeking solutions to this problem through rapid increase in membership greatly influenced the ultimate change in the church's attitude toward adapting itself to the reality of its neighborhood.  
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